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May 02, 2022

Do You Need A Security System In Your Safe Neighborhood In San Diego?

You managed to land the house of your dreams in the perfect location. It’s known for being a quiet place for families with nearly no crime around. But, do you really need to invest in a home security system in your San Diego safe neighborhood?

While the crime rate in your neighborhood may be low, it is never zero, and burglars typically live outside of your area. You will also find some surprising perks to equipping your home with a smart security system that may benefit you in ways you didn’t realize! Check out the reasons why you ought to install home security for your safe neighborhood in San Diego.

Deterrence Is Your Best Tool Against Safe Neighborhood Break-Ins In San Diego

The greatest advantage of a comprehensive home security system isn’t stopping a break-in when it is happening. It’s making sure one doesn’t occur at all. As reported by the Electronic Security Association, practically 90% of thieves indicated that if they saw an alarm system on the premises, they wouldn’t bother with that home. So utilize your home protection signs and window logos and install a video doorbell, and burglars will think that they should steer clear. When you turn your property into a less suitable option for prospective criminals, you’re doing your part in keeping your family and possessions well defended.

Stop Worrying About Your Home When You Take A Trip

Unfortunately, our busy lives often don’t provide the opportunity to keep a spare eye on our properties. Fortunately, your home’s security system features 24-hour monitoring, which means someone will always be watching over your house. That’s reassuring when you’re here, but even better if you’re 2,000 miles away.

Take advantage of your ADT Contrl app to check live video from your cameras. Or get the status of any sensor or smart device. Enjoy the convenience of updates to your cell phone if they sense any unusual activity. You may also obtain notifications about the presence of smoke or water infiltration, so you shouldn’t ever come home to an unwelcome situation. Not to mention, your monitoring specialists will also answer any alarm or sensor trip. They will coordinate with emergency services on your behalf and bring you in when appropriate.

San Diego Security Systems Provide Defense For More Than Break-Ins

Your home’s modern security system is a proven means for safeguarding you against home invasions. Still, your installation can include far more services and components than door sensors and surveillance. To illustrate, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors seamlessly integrate into your network of devices, offering your family protection from different types of danger – all in one system! You may also consider high water sensors if you occupy a home with a basement or reside in a flood zone.

If you want more, have the power of smart home automation built into your system. Innovative smart lighting, thermostats, and locking devices have the ability to make your home safe and energy-efficient. Remotely manage your home with a few simple touches of your finger, and program scenes that make your home a lot more responsive to your needs. You can even hook up your security and automation to a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Start Planning Your Customized Security System Today

There’s no time like the present to prevent safe neighborhood break-ins at your San Diego home. Your ADT expert will be able to provide answers for your inquiries on how to best secure your property to meet your unique requirements. Dial (619) 354-2314 or fill out the form below to begin.