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ADT outdoor camera on a San Diego home
June 24, 2021

How To Protect Your Rental Property In San Diego

Whether your leasing the your parents' old condo or you have a diverse portfolio, you are aware it can be difficult to protect a rental property in San Diego. If vacant, your place may look enticing for burglars or intruders. And if you have renters, you also have to try safeguarding human beings.

Including a mixture of solutions like security monitoring and automated home controls, here are some ways to help you protect your San Diego rental property.

Use 24/7 Monitoring To Guard Your Vacation Or Rental House

One of the best deterrents against theft or vandalism at your rental property is installing a monitored security system. Your tenants will enjoy more peace of mind when they feel protected against intruders, especially if San Diego is somewhere they’ve never visited before. In the event a robber attempts to break in, your security system will contact your 24/7 ADT monitoring team while the high-decibel alarm warns everyone inside. You also can have notifications sent to your phone when surveillance camera spots unusual activity.

ADT smartlock on a San Diego home

Smart Key Codes Add Security When You Have New Guests

When a guest moves on, you should ensure they are cut from access. In the event they took a key with them, then they have the ability to to regain entry. To counteract this concern, you could install new locks every time a tenant leaves or install smart locks with your home security system. With smart locks, you can provide each occupant a unique code that can deactivate once they leave. In the event renters return and try an old key code, you will get an alert on your phone.

Automation Protects Your Rental Property In San Diego -- Even When Your Property is Vacant

When you have a rental or vacation property in San Diego, you also have to ensure it’s protected, including when it’s not occupied. a smart method to do this is to make it look like there’s always activity within the home. By integrating your advanced home security with automated features like interior and exterior lights, audio systems, and thermostats, your unit will always appear occupied. Set certain light bulbs to come on at regular intervals throughout the day and engage your sound system for a couple hours or more, and a curious prowler will quickly reconsider their plans. With the right security system, you are able to program devices with a mobile security app.

Protecting Your Rental Property In San Diego Starts With A Custom Home Security Package

The advantages of an ADT system for rental owners are countless: 24-hour monitoring, convenient automation, and smart locks with key codes are only the beginning. Get in touch with Secure24 Alarm Systems and our knowledgeable team will help you customize an ADT home security plan that makes sense for your rental. Phone (619) 354-2314 or complete the form on this page to make an appointment.